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Tankless Water Heaters

   * used in Europe since the 1970's

   * save space, save energy, and never run out of hot water

   * last a really long time- 25 years or more is common, as long as you perform regular maintenance

   * can be mounted high to create extra space underneath

General Maintenance

   * best if done once a year (if you have a water softener and low usage you could do every 2)

   * consists of a 45-minute de-scale / de-lime flush & a 5-point inspection

   * cost for this service:  $150 per unit

Electric Tankless: 

   * currently these require as much electricity as your air conditioner, but only make about 4 gallons

     per minute.  There is a large cost for an electrician to run big wires to the unit, often requiring a sub-panel and permits.  The electrical portion alone can be thousands of dollars.  As such these only make sense if a builder installs them from the start, and even then only in very small homes and/or condos.  

Some of our work:

More Pics:

Point-of-use Commercial Project

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