Ruud "Professional Series" water heaters that I sell are better than the comparably-priced ones found at your typical home centers.  Generally, ours have better insulation, faster recovery, more gallons in the first hour, metal thermostat (not plastic), and brass drain valves (not plastic).  

Edwin Ruud - over 100 Years of Quality            Pricing:  Assuming your shut-off valve, supply lines,                                                                                                       gas line, & water pan are less than 10 years old; 

                                                                                         and everything is up to code...


                                                                           Ruud 40-gallon electric - $700

                                                                           Ruud 50-gallon electric - $800

                                                                           Ruud 40-gallon gas - $850

                                                                           Ruud 50-gallon gas - $950

                                                                           Ruud 75-gallon gas - $1800

                                                                           Marathon Lifetime 50-gallon electric - $2000

                                                                           Marathon Lifetime 75-gallon electric - $2200

                                                                           Marathon Lifetime 100-gallon electric - $2400

What's Included:  

   *  standard 6-year warranty on Tank, upgradeable to a 10-year warranty by adding an additional anode 

   *  5-year warranty on all Labor - the highest in the business!

   *  I use real soldered copper, none of that press-on amateur stuff

   *  I provide disposal of the old unit (a $100 value)


                    * Difficult Location - tight closet, upstairs, inside, backyard... price to be determined...

                    * Add 4-years of warranty to any heater w/ secondary anode install:  $225

                    * Aluminum drain pan: $50 (includes re-connection to the drain line)

                    * Lead-free brass shut-off valve: $50

                    * Stainless-steel corrugated water supply lines (best quality, high flow):  $50

                    * Expansion Tanks: typically about $120-$140 depending on the size required

                    * Recirculating Pump kit & install: typically about $400 (includes timer & comfort valve)

                    * Sediment trap for the gas line: $50

                    * Pvc drain line for the water pan: approx. $100 depending on difficulty & length of run 

                    * 600-lb galvanized steel platform:  $120 

                    * 1200-lb galvanized steel platform:  $150

Want to buy your own? 

   *  Flat Install Fee:  $400 + any additional parts & services that are needed (such as disposal).

      (extra on the 75 gal models, bc a 75gal unit weighs over 300lbs & requires extra workers for safety)

50-gal gas Ruud
50-gal gas Ruud

50-gal gas Ruud Professional Series water heater, comes standard with 6 year warranty. This customer added the Extra Anode which provides an additional 4 years of warranty for a total of 10 years worry-free service.

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Old Copper Lines Kink
Old Copper Lines Kink

I don't like these using copper flex lines, they are easy to kink. And sweat-on lines are very difficult to remove.

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New Threaded Adapters
New Threaded Adapters

This is a better way. Install a threaded adapter, and use stainless steel corrugated lines that don't kink and are easy to remove in the future.

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40-gal gas Ruud
40-gal gas Ruud

another happy customer! 6-year warranty plus extra anode makes for a total of 10 years of worry free service.

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