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Bradford White Water Heaters:

  *  We recommend Bradford White water heaters. 
  *  We feel they are better than the competitors' brands. 
  *  Generally, these are made stronger, with thicker walls, & brass drain valves (not plastic). 
  *  We see less leaks, less recalls, & less warranty issues with Bradford White.  

 Pricing:  Assuming your shut-off valve, supply lines, gas line, & water pan are less than 10 years old; 

                                                                                         ...and everything is up to code...


                         40-gallon electric - $900                      40-gallon gas - $1100

                    50-gallon electric - $1000                    50-gallon gas - $1200

                                                                                 75-gallon gas - $2500                                                                                                            

What's Included:  

   *  standard 6-year warranty on Tank, upgradeable to a 10-year warranty 

   *  5-year warranty on all Labor - the highest in the business!

   *  I use real soldered copper, none of that push-on amateur stuff (push fittings reduce flow)

   *  I provide disposal of the old unit (a $100 value)


                    * Difficult Location - tight closet, upstairs, backyard... price to be determined...

                    * Add 4-years of warranty to any heater:  $230

                    * Aluminum drain pan: $50 (includes re-connection to the drain line)

                    * Lead-free brass shut-off valve: $50 each

                    * Stainless-steel corrugated water supply lines (best quality, high flow):  $100/pair

                    * Expansion Tanks: typically about $150-200 depending on the size required

                    * Recirculating Pump kit & install: typically about $550 (includes timer & comfort valve)
                    * Extra comfort valve for the recirc pump kits (for 2nd floor or split system applicatiosn) $200

                    * Sediment trap for the gas line: $50

                    * Pvc drain line to the exterior: typically $200 depending on difficulty & length of run 

                    * 1200-lb galvanized steel platform:  $250

Marathon Water Heaters:
  *  non-metallic (can't rust!)
  *  made with 2 layers of strong polymer with 3" of foam insulation in between
  *  these used to have a lifetime warranty, now 10-year but I still feel these are impossible to break.  I               would expect them to still last a lifetime.  It was probably a corporate financial decision to reduce the         warranties, not a quality-control issue. (the decision came down from corporate after Covid in 2019)

                                                              Note:  as of 5-14-23 pricing and availability on Marathon are 

                                                                         difficult to pin down.  Some models are discontinued,

                                                                         some are available but extremely expensive

                                                                         (greater than $3000).

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