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Shower Remodel

* old shower valve was leaking, old tub was rusty, and old tile needed to be replaced
* we removed the tub then opened up the floor and moved the drain also upgraded the size from 1.5" to 2"
* new shower valve & Moen dual-head shower installed, new acryllic shower pan, new tile


* after 50 years copper pipes have to be replaced otherwise you'll have never ending leaks sometimes doing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.  The good news is that this is an opportunity to pipe the house properly for recirculation and to add a loop for a water softener.  

*  my special way of piping hot water makes for the fastest recirculation possible.  Rather than running "tees" from the ceiling to each fixture, I bring the entire trunk line down as close as possible to each fixture and then back up again.  The final return back to the water heater should be done in 3/4" pex not 1/2" for fastest flow.  This system uses only a small amount of extra pex and the price is negligible (about $200 extra on a  1800-square foot home).  But the end result is hot water at each fixture usually within 1 or 2 seconds.  I wish every builder would pipe the hot water in this manner.  

Replace Plastic Water Shut-offs & cheap plastic supply hoses

* this is one of those jobs that shouldn't have to be done.  Building methods should be improving, not regressing! 

* builder installed these plastic fittings in an expensive home.  These only have a 10-year warranty.    

* The difference in price between the plastic stuff and the good stuff is maybe $5-10.  But if it fails, and you have wood     floors, you are looking at over $10,000 in damage.  

* We removed the plastic and replaced with the highest quality stainless steel 1/4-turn ball valves & stainless steel           supply lines.  We found around 14 of them in the home, even one behind the refrigerator.  Now the home is safe.

Residential Kitchen Faucet - Garbage Disposal - Charcoal Water Filter - Cabinet Repair

* Old kitchen faucet snapped & already replaced once.  Time for a new fixture.

* Leaking sink drain destroyed the garbage disposal & rotted all the wood under the sink

* New drains & new garbage disposal installed.  Also new supply lines & new angle stops

* New charcoal water filter is economical & fast; removes impurities but keeps the healthy minerals.  

* New wood on the floor of the cabinet, and nice looking rubber matt installed as well.  

Roman Tub Faucet Repair

* high quality but old Roman Tub Faucet was leaking

* no access panel means entire tub would have to be pulled to change the faucet, which would cost over $500 plus price of a new faucet (and these aren't cheap)

* we completely rebuilt the valves- all new seat washers, new valve seats, new bonnet washers, re-grease assembly

* now the faucet is as good as new, does not leak and works very smoothly. 

* Total cost was about $75

Commercial Faucet - Drain - Tankless

* faucet & drain completely rusted & rotted

* New Rheem 29Amp single-faucet Tankless Heater

* New faucet, drain, stainless steel braided hose​

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