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General Plumbing Services:

* Water Main  * Pressure-Reducing Valves  *Shut-off Valves  *Under-sink / toilet Water Supply Valves (Angle Stops) *Garbage Disposal  *Sinks  *Faucets   *Leaking Copper Pipes  *Pex (Plastic) Pipe  *PVC  *ABS  *Above Ground Gas Pipe (Galvanized)

Commercial Gas Line - 1 million btu

* 3" diameter line run 250 feet for a restaurant

* Electrically-bonded, & emergency instant gas shut-off valve installed, as per code

* additional 100 feet of smaller gas line installed​ within the restaurant including kitchen, tankless water heaters, and      patio firepit.  

Replace Plastic Water Shut-offs & cheap plastic supply hoses

* this is one of those jobs that shouldn't have to be done.  Building methods should be improving, not regressing! 

* builder installed these plastic fittings in an expensive home.  These only have a 10-year warranty.    

* The difference in price between the plastic stuff and the good stuff is maybe $5-10.  But if it fails, and you have wood     floors, you are looking at over $10,000 in damage.  

* We removed the plastic and replaced with the highest quality stainless steel 1/4-turn ball valves & stainless steel           supply lines.  We found around 14 of them in the home, even one behind the refrigerator.  Now the home is safe.

Residential Kitchen Faucet - Garbage Disposal - Charcoal Water Filter - Cabinet Repair

* Old kitchen faucet snapped & already replaced once.  Time for a new fixture.

* Leaking sink drain destroyed the garbage disposal & rotted all the wood under the sink

* New drains & new garbage disposal installed.  Also new supply lines & new angle stops

* New charcoal water filter is economical & fast; removes impurities but keeps the healthy minerals.  

* New wood on the floor of the cabinet, and nice looking rubber matt installed as well.  

Roman Tub Faucet Repair

* high quality but old Roman Tub Faucet was leaking

* no access panel means entire tub would have to be pulled to change the faucet, which would cost over $500 plus price of a new faucet (and these aren't cheap)

* we completely rebuilt the valves- all new seat washers, new valve seats, new bonnet washers, re-grease assembly

* now the faucet is as good as new, does not leak and works very smoothly. 

* Total cost was about $75

Commercial Faucet - Drain - Tankless

* faucet & drain completely rusted & rotted

* New Rheem 29Amp single-faucet Tankless Heater

* New faucet, drain, stainless steel braided hose​

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