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Some homes don't have Gas Service.  "Tru-Tankless" Electric Water Heaters are the best in the industry.  

-They are the most efficient, using less electricity than the competition yet producing more hot water.  

-They last the longest.  LIFETIME warranty on the Heat Exchanger, the longest in the business.  LIFE, as in, forever.  

-5 year warranty on all other parts

-requires only 2 breakers from the panel, most of the others require 3.  This saves you on your Electrician installation fees.  

-Leak Detection

-LCD Screen, Wifi, can be controlled from your Cell Phone

-they can really make a lot of hot water - up to 7.5 gallons per minute in Arizona in the Summer (about 4.4 gpm in the Winter)

Check out this Video - designed for Homeowners:  

And here's a video designed more for Pro's:  

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