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* Water Main  * Pressure-Reducing Valves  *Shut-off Valves  *Under-sink / toilet Water Supply Valves (Angle Stops) *Garbage Disposal  *Sinks  *Faucets  *Toilets *Leaking Copper Pipes  *Pex (Plastic) Pipe  *PVC  *ABS  *Above Ground Gas Pipe (Galvanized)  *Below Ground Gas Pipe (PE)  *In-home flexible gas pipe (CSST) *Standard 

Commercial Gas Line - 1 million btu

* 3" diameter line run 250 feet for a restaurant

* Electrically-bonded, & emergency instant gas shut-off valve installed, as per code

* additional 100 feet of smaller gas line installed​ within the restaurant including kitchen, tankless water heaters, and      patio firepit.  

Replace Plastic Water Shut-offs & cheap plastic supply hoses

"The Alaskan Pipeline"
3" galvanized gas pipe run a total distance of about 250 feet across the roof of a shopping center. Each 20-foot section weighed 160 pounds. Specialized pipe cutter & threading machine had to be rented for this job, along with 5-foot long plumbers wrenches.
much of the roof was an easy straight run but we did encounter a few air-conditioning units that we had to avoid
Under the Roof Penetration - fixed
Shown here the electrical bonding, reduction tee's, instant emergency gas shut-off valve (as per code)
Firepit at Night
a nice place to enjoy a glass of wine and some good conversation with friends
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* this is one of those jobs that shouldn't have to be done.  Building methods should be improving, not regressing! 

* builder installed these plastic fittings in an expensive home.  These only have a 10-year warranty.    

* The difference in price between the plastic stuff and the good stuff is maybe $5-10.  But if it fails, and you have wood     floors, you are looking at over $10,000 in damage.  

* We removed the plastic and replaced with the highest quality stainless steel 1/4-turn ball valves & stainless steel           supply lines.  We found around 14 of them in the home, even one behind the refrigerator.  Now the home is safe.

Plastic Water shut-off
These plastic fittings from "Flowtight" only have a 10-year warranty. Many have failed in the last few years, but builders continue to use them, even in very expensive homes. They are easy to install, you just push them on, no other tools required. But chlorine & minerals in our water can cause them to fail. And when they fail, hundreds of gallons of water can come out in a short amount of time.
Stainless Steel shut-off
we install the highest quality stainless steel 1/4-turn ball-valve shutoff. We use stainless steel braided supply hose, with stainless steel connection at each end. No short-cuts!
Two under each sink
hot & cold plastic water shut-off valves replaced under the sink, aso plastic supply hose replaced with stainless steel braided hose & stainless steel connections at each end
Tricky one behind fridge
We replaced 14 angle stops in total, even found this one hidden behind the refrigerator.
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Residential Kitchen Faucet - Garbage Disposal - Charcoal Water Filter - Cabinet Repair

* Old kitchen faucet snapped & already replaced once.  Time for a new fixture.

* Leaking sink drain destroyed the garbage disposal & rotted all the wood under the sink

* New drains & new garbage disposal installed.  Also new supply lines & new angle stops

* New charcoal water filter is economical & fast; removes impurities but keeps the healthy minerals.  

* New wood on the floor of the cabinet, and nice looking rubber matt installed as well.  

Broken Faucet
old faucet broken & corroded beyond repair
Under-Cabinet work
the leaking faucet & drain did much damage. All the floor wood was rotted. Replaced with fresh plywood and covered with rubber mat. New Garbage disposal and drains. Installed charcoal water filter which is much cheaper than reverse-osmosis, is fast, never runs out of water, and some folks say is actually better for you because it retains the magnesium & calcium that your body needs.
New Faucet & Charcoal Water Filter
To do this job I had to pull the sink, which was a 140-pound cast iron sink. Indestructible, but heavy! Because the old faucet was completley rusted out, there was no way to unscrew it from underneath. I had to pull the sink, turn it upside-down on some saw-horses, and cut the old faucet out. Reinstalled with fresh caulking, looks as good as new. I'm a really big fan of the charcoal-water filters, and they cost under $100. Compare that to the nearly $1,000 price tag of reverse-osmosis
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Roman Tub Faucet Repair

* high quality but old Roman Tub Faucet was leaking

* no access panel means entire tub would have to be pulled to change the faucet, which would cost over $500 plus price of a new faucet (and these aren't cheap)

* we completely rebuilt the valves- all new seat washers, new valve seats, new bonnet washers, re-grease assembly

* now the faucet is as good as new, does not leak and works very smoothly. 

* Total cost was about $75

Leaking Tub Faucet
old leaking Roman tub faucet, not easy to replace because no access panel. Entire tub would have to be pulled costing at least $500 plus parts, and these faucets typically run $250+ brand new
Remove Valve Stem
we removed the valve stem, then remove the whole valve. We disassemble the valve, and then remove the valve seat.
Rebuild & Grease Stem
new bonnet washer, and fresh high temperature plumber's grease won't dissolve in hot water, makes the handles turn very smoothly
Replace Valve Seats
look at the old seat on the right, you can see a notch in it, that is where water was leaking, no matter how tight you turn the handle. The new seat makes a good seal with the new washer.
New Seat Washers
look at the old seat washer & screw on the left, it was destroyed. We put a new higher quality washer and screw. The type of washers I use are even better than the factory original. This is the part that contacts the valve seat when you turn the knob. Now it will work as good as new, or maybe even better!
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Commercial Faucet - Drain - Tankless

* faucet & drain completely rusted & rotted

* New Rheem 29Amp single-faucet Tankless Heater

* New faucet, drain, stainless steel braided hose​

Commercial Toilet Upgrade

old single-faucet standard tank water heater was 12 years old and not performing well; commercial faucet & drain was rotted and rusted.
New Rheem single-faucet Tankless Water Heater installed. 29Amp unit is more powerful than 15A, and makes as fast a flow as expected from standard tanks. New commercial faucet & drain; new stainless steel supply lines. Significant space savings.
ready for another 30 years of service!
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* very old toilet with 3-gallon tank, poor function, slow to flush, slow to fill

* old toilet flange completely rusted & rotted.  Chiseled out & replaced, new brass bolts installed.  

* extra thick wax ring with poly gasket installed

* brand new ADA-compliant (tall) toilet, elongated bowl, fast flush

* new 1.6-gallon tank is fast to refill and saves water

* new stainless steel braided supply hose​

30 year old toilet with 3-gallon tank was very slow to flush and took a long time to refill.
Rusted Toilet Flange
completely unuseable toilet flange had to be chiseled out and replaced
New Flange & Wax Ring
all new flange, new brass bolts, new extra thick wax ring with poly gasket
brand new state of the art ADA-compliant 1.6gallon tank elongated bowl super fast flush & refill
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New Rheem single-faucet Tankless Water Heater installed. 29Amp unit is more powerful than 15A, and makes as fast a flow as expected from standard tanks. New commercial faucet & drain; new stainless steel supply lines. Significant space savings.